We use a 360° focus on all our projects to create personalized, coherent, omnichannel strategies. 360° Marketing lets us take advantage of all the tools we have at our disposal (including SEO, SEM, Social Media, Branding, etc.) and deploys them to reach your goals and measure them to optimize your performance. This approach leads us to create a brand experience that attracts your users and turns them into satisfied customers. 

Digital marketing agency south africa

Transform Your Bedroom Into a Modern Retreat

The future of brands lies in ideas that combine the power of storytelling with the creative use of technology, to motivate consumer behaviour and engagement. 

Isobar drives success for brands using a data-driven, multi-disciplinary approach: creatives and strategists work with innovation technologists and experience designers to build brand engagements and campaigns. 

We work in partnership with our clients to create, distribute, measure and optimise at every step, in order to deliver personalised, seamless and memorable experiences, that drive engagement, transaction and loyalty – building brands that people love.

In the face of challenges and opportunities, we believe that the Digital Transformation is key to tackling them. With the optimal combination of technology and processes, you’ll have access to every data point to make sure your strategy stays on target and can remain flexible in the face of change.

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SEM campaigns

We manage and optimize your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns in Google Adwords so you get the highest ROI and the highest number of conversions for your business.

Social Media Marketing

Experts in Social Media management. We extend the diffusion of your business in any of the Social Networks, so that it can reach a wide range of users that share, comment, interact and talk about your business.

Web Analytics

We take care of analyzing and interpreting each of the data of your Digital Marketing strategy to the best of your ability to understand the behavior of your clients.

Online Reputation

We guide you in all the digital communications of your company or brand, so that the relationship with your customers is more direct and they become your best commercials.

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digital marketing agency south africa


Search (SEO)

With 85% of all web traffic being organic, search engine optimization (SEO) is fundamental. No matter your strategy, all SEO projects share a common goal: the closer you are to the top of search results, the better chance you’ll have to get prospective customers clicking through to your website instead of a competitor’s. 

Our SEO experts and content teams work together to create tailored SEO strategies to target your most valuable profits and ensure you’re driving quality leads to your online content. We strive to identify the right words that your prospects or customers use to talk about your product or service. We also work to ensure your website content speaks their language and is not doomed to the back end of Google search results. We aim to achieve optimal results from your SEO strategy using both paid and organic search methods in our SEO services (including keyword research, keyword mapping, and SEO competitive analyses), no matter your objective. 



If growing your business is on the agenda, it’s more useful to convert existing visitors into customers than attracting new ones. That’s where Conversion Rate Optimization (or CRO) comes in. 

Our CRO experts take a holistic view of your digital presence, assess the efficacy of its conversion, and from there, work on making the necessary changes to streamline and optimize your existing processes. They combine performance marketing and User Experience (UX) design insights, along with analytics and data-driven processes to increase our clients’ visitors to conversions ratio. We do all this while monitoring and optimizing your conversion rate for the best CRO possible.  And, the fruit of all this is to enhance your bottom line. 


Content Marketing

A good content strategy is not merely focusing on creating something aesthetically beautiful: it should also provide the substantive information needed to develop the type of authentic relationships your customers crave when choosing to engage with a brand. 

That potent combination works to enrich your target’s experience with your brand, bringing real value as you help them in their buying decision. Whether it be written content, video, apps, infographics, and more, we’re able to provide content that aligns with every step of your customer journey and generates the real results that result in more confidence in content marketing. 

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Paid Media

It’s possible that you often skip YouTube ads, scroll past sponsored Instagram posts, and that you have an ad-blocker currently installed on your web browser. We’re guilty of some of these ad-skipping behaviors. Therefore, we create paid ads that people won’t skip over.

Instead of creating ads just for the sake of having them, we produce advertisements that your customers want to see. When crafting and executing our campaigns, we ensure that they are targeted, integrated, data-driven, and optimized to turn prospects into leads, and subsequently, into customers. We believe this is the way to create paid media that will make even the most sophisticated consumers want to engage. 

Digital PR

As news spreads at the speed of light in the digital world, it can prove to be a recipe for disaster for individuals and brands, but also a golden opportunity if shared correctly. 

Successful PR campaigns for the digital age generate third-party content for your brand on websites, blogs, and influencer social media accounts to drive traffic and awareness. They also require dealing with broader, more diverse audiences, constant outreach management and a robust linking strategy. Our highly skilled team of digital PR experts uses creative strategy and key content to boost our clients’ online reach and visibility, improving trust, building credibility, and of course, increasing conversion rates and ROI. 

digital marketing south africa

While social media marketing is now imperative to some degree, many only have generic campaigns that will not stand out among the clutter on social media. What’s the key to successfully taking advantage of social media? 

We develop tailored social media marketing strategies, by targeting specific buyer personas and stages in the customer journey, to break through the noise and reach your most valuable customers in their natural habitats. Our strategies combine organic and paid social media promotion, along with ongoing community management (because you always need to foster your community) to ensure you are taking the utmost care of your social media customer experience.

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